Investment Appraisal in Competitive Electricity Markets

The most fundamental change affecting the value of investments in competitive electricity markets is the inherent uncertainty about electricity prices in electricity markets.

The uncertain future level of prices from investment in generation creates a risk for the investor, and while this risk affects all generating technologies, it does so in different ways.

This article introduces the sources of risk, focussing in particular on electricity price risk, and how this can affect financial appraisal of power generation investments.

Green Bonds

Capital Markets have been a source of funding for green investments for a number of years - but until recently, financing was predominantly from equity.

Now however, declining costs coupled with increased environmental awareness have been propelling growth in the renewable energy industry...

According to Green Bond Principles, the defining characteristic of a Green Bond is how the proceeds are utilised. The sectors into which the proceeds must be invested are evolving all the time.

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